What is a Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection (Previo en Origen)?

With the aim of removing or reducing the time and cost of the merchandise at the customs office of destination, the Pre-customs clearance inspection (Previo en Origen) was born. Thanks to the Pre-customs clearance inspection, the procedures for the release o fcontainers at the port of destination are significantly expedited.

Our report contains detailed information of each product loaded in the container. In this way, from the moment the container is loaded in origin, the customs agent at the destination will have access to all specifications of the loaded products (references, composition, labelling, quantities…)

With the Pre-customs clearance inspection, it will not be necessary to open the container upon arrival at the customs office of destination, avoiding the costs and times involved. In turn, we have the opportunity to check the merchandise, quantities and condition of the container and if we find anomalies we can correct them.

What does Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection involve?

Why Get a Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection?