Digitalization in quality control

Correctly managing quality control in a company is not easy.

A great commitment is necessary on the part of all the integrating elements and the different parts of the company so that, in this case, the purchase process is a success.

Currently, the most advisable thing is to have digital tools that can streamline the different processes that are going to be carried out.

These types of tools are based on the following parameters that will streamline processes. It is important to implement them in the correct way.

    1. The sensorization of the plant, so that the key variables of the manufacturing process are collected in real time.

   2. The interpretation of these data with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence systems.

   3. The representation of said interpretation through dashboards that are easy to view and understand.

   4. The digitalization of documents, creating a paperless environment that is proof of loss, confusion, malicious actions, and easier for everyone to access.

   5. Improved planning of quality audits.

   6. Carrying out such audits, which includes the direct dump into a digital system of all its results and the corresponding evidence.

   7. The management of corrective actions.

   8. The possibility of including alternatives that result in greater involvement by all staff. For example, through gamification.

   9. Being able to track all activities, ensuring the traceability of the processes.

By following these digitalization guidelines, a company will be able to implement quality control more easily.

Currently, it is important to keep up to date and have the appropriate means capable of adapting to the new needs of the market.

Therefore, we provide our users with an online platform that allows them to book inspections, audits and cargo supervisions quickly and easily. Through the creation of a user account, our clients have immediate access to their orders and reports.

Thanks to this platform, our consumers will be able to track their order and download the corresponding report in a faster and less complex way.

At EsAsia, we are aware of the news that are emerging every day to offer the most innovative services to our clients and, therefore, achieve their objectives together.