The types of quality control in Asia

To avoid any commercial disaster in Asia, most of the big importers use quality control.

There are many frequent problems that importers have to deal with that cause great economic and time losses. Among them, the following:

  1. Wrong Products: it is common to see an importer receive a different product than the one he ordered. This situation generates loss of time (return and re-shipment) or loss of the sales project in the destination country.

  2. Poor Quality Product : a poor quality product cannot be sold as planned. In the worst cases, the importer could lose his investment and damage his image.

  3. Delayed production: when an importer finds out at the last minute that it cannot meet delivery deadlines because the factory is behind in production, it is difficult or even impossible to save the sales project.

For these reasons, the need arises for a reliable quality control such as the one we offer in EsAsia.

In addition, we share several types of controls so that the purchase process of your company is a success.

  • The initial control of production: this is done on the factory premises before product manufacturing begins and ends when 20% of production is finished. The importer ensures from the beginning that the supplier has started production, and that he has understood their needs.

  • Control during production: it is carried out when the product has been manufactured and packed for shipment between 20% and 80% of the volume. The inspector randomly selects units from all complete lots. This to be able to confirm delivery times and respect the specifications. The importer has the opportunity to request corrections on time, probably at a lower cost than in the destination country.

  • The pre-shipment control: it is the random control of the product when the factory has reached 80% of the volume. This last stage before shipment allows the importer to confirm quantities, packaging, general quality, and to take corrective measures.

Likewise, in any type of quality control, the quality inspector reviews the elements using a statistical method (AQL) that includes functionality, performance, general appearance, dimensions and weights, among others. A very complete photographic report is delivered to the importer within 48 hours after service.

At EsAsia, our mission is to guarantee the quality of the products purchased and to facilitate the purchase processes by meeting all the requirements so that the journey is easier and you can meet your objectives with us.